IPG chooses DOOH aggregator for software. Huh?

October 26, 2010 by Dave Haynes

IPG’s Emerging Media Lab continues to dig deeper and deeper into digital signage and DOOH.

On the heels of announcing a retail technology showcase with PRN, the ad agency’s lab has done a deal with Entourage Advertising for content scheduling and delivery.

“The software at the lab needed to be flexible enough to push different kinds of content segments to various retail screens within the lab to deliver targeted and contextually relevant content at specific locations,” says Sonya Rosas, the Digital Out-of-Home Strategist for the IPG Media Lab, in a release.

“We power any network or retail digital display with an easy to use web-based interface that brings content and advertising messages to life,” says Steve Roberts, the CEO of Entourage Advertising. “But this is only one piece of the puzzle. Entourage is also an extreme audience targeting tool for media planners.”

Brands and agencies use Entourage Advertising to execute meaningful campaigns that are targeted and cost-effective, empowering agencies to manage media vehicles more efficiently. Entourage Advertising has unified over 50 digital out-of-home networks and the core software platform is deployed in various verticals, serving hospitality, C-Store and quick service restaurants, and media networks nationwide.

Entourage Advertising also compliments other technologies on display at the IPG Media Lab with a mobile text-to-action platform that delivers audience interactivity. Other technologies at the lab include a device that transforms the front window of a store into a giant touch screen. Meanwhile, kiosks allow a customer to chat with a virtual sales associate who can provide advice on how to install a new flat-screen television. Entourage’s ability to generate relevant content based on the retail location’s products compliments the IPG Media Lab’s efforts to evolve retail marketing strategies and customer brand experiences.

Interesting. Of all of the software companies out there in the sector, and there are hundreds, I doubt many would have pegged Entourage as one that sees its stuff in an emerging media lab. For one thing, unless things have changed wildly since DSE the software under Entourage’s hood was written and supported by another company. And Entourage is by and large a DOOH aggregator competing for attention and networks with the likes of Adcentricity, SeeSaw and rVue.

The CEO has plenty of moxie, and no doubt persuasive and aggressive. The chat and demo I had with him at DSE quickly had steam coming out of my ears as he talked enthusiastically about, and I quote, “leveraging” the Amber Alert system for his advertisers. Eesh.

His network numbers also seemed, ummm, enthusiastic (though he was hardly alone there).

Second hmmm in a week involving IPG.

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