Is it one 330-inch display or a wall of 60s?

October 26, 2010 by Dave Haynes

From Display Blog, via Display Alliance News, word of a massive display wall planned for a Tokyo rail station.

The big questions. This is being hyped by Sharp or someone as a 330-inch display. But when it is 18 60-inch displays all tiled neatly together, is it?

For what little my opinion matters, it’s a 330-inch display wall, but it’s not a 330-inch display unless it really is one unit. However, the copy/paste tech media industry seems to be uniformly going along with the premise that this is A display. To the defense (maybe) of Sharp, it would take a lot more digging to sort out who first floated the 330 inch display premise. The Sharp press release is in Japanese, so beats me what it really says.

This is nice, and good to see another panel-maker with narrowed bezels on big displays. But ain’t nothing new about a big wall of tiled LCDs.

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