Is AMX Is Trying to Buy SpinetiX?

October 22, 2010 by guest author, rAVe Publications

From Sixteen:Nine partner rAVe

Although no one from either company will confirm any details on the record, we have sources that tell us AMX and SpinetiX are in talks about a buy-out or investment. SpinetiX, you may recall, manufacturers a non-PC-based media player, the HMP100, which won our Digital Signage CHAMPS Award for Best non-PC media player back in 2009 and, of course, AMX is a HomeAV and ProAV control system manufacturer.

Last month, AMX and SpinetiX announced a collaboration to cooperatively build and market a so-called “next-generation” DS media player to be launched in 2011. But, we believe this collaboration may morph into a merger — unless someone else scoops up SpinetiX before AMX does.

Dave: Nice product but these guys are not great marketers. A deal like this would definitely up their visibility.

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