Digital Signage Expo's lunch-and-learns back on for 2011

October 19, 2010 by Dave Haynes

If you have been been to DSE in the past you may have noticed a sectioned-off area where, at lunch time, groups were sitting around attentively listening to one person talk – instead of doing the more typical nutritional lunch break work of shoveling down a nasty hot dog or two out in the north hall of the convention center.

Those were the Lunch & Learn sessions, and they’re back for 2011. The program will offer a total of 10 roundtables, five each on the two exhibit hall days of the February show. The sessions are designed to let DOOH network operators and people like systems integrators up the curve on a topic or two, while having a box lunch and resting their aching tootsies for a while.

The planned sessions include:

Says Richard Lebovitz, Educational Director for Exponation, LLC, which produces DSE: “Last year all seats for the February, 2010 Lunch & Learn Program sold out quickly because attendees appreciate and enjoy the opportunity for the kind of thoughtful discussion that takes place between peers with similar interests. They also enjoy the benefit of speaking directly with an industry professional who can provide expertise on a particular topic.”

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