Following industry investor conference remotely …

October 6, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Based on what I am hearing and reading the Strategy Institute’s annual investor conference in New York is going well. I couldn’t go this year – too busy and already at another event starting tomorrow – but I have been following through blog posts from attendees as well as Tweets from several people with smartphones, tablets or lappies at the event.

The hashtag is DSinvestor, and if that means nothing to you, just go here:

Locamoda has a nice visualization of the tweets running online, but it is unfortunately not running on a screen at the event. That’s really s shame, as I was cooking up messages to get up on the screen about the food and the bar being open in the outer hall at 9:30 am. Ah well … maybe that’s why there is nothing in the hall   ;-]

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