C-Store 101 paper from NRF offers pile of insights

October 5, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Somehow or other I stumbled across a paper from the National Retail Federation on the convenience store business that looks into trends and operating challenges.

It makes absolutely no mention of digital display technology and only passing references to in-store marketing, but for all the software and DOOH companies that sell into or build out in that sector, this is a really solid piece of work from an audit firm – explaining how things work and where the money is and goes.

For example, c-stores with gas pumps generate a lot of revenue but the margins on gas are pathetic. Also, more than nine per cent of sales last year in c-stores came from fresh food, up four points from 2005.  I’m not sure those hot dog weinies that have been rolling under a heat lamp for weeks counts as fresh, but my tummy just twitched.

The study is written by an accountant, for accountants, so put a pillow on your keyboard before you start. But if you are going in to chat with c-store people someday soon, reading this might help make you at least SEEM like you know their business.

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