DS Talent Pool: Mark Emmons

September 29, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Mark Emmons and I have never met but we certainly have a few things in common.

He comes out of the big city daily newspaper business, knows and is friends with my Preset partner Pat Hellberg, and has been banging away at digital signage forever.

As one of a few at the LA Times who understood Macs, he took on more technology responsibilities as the desktop publishing wave spread departments across the newspaper. That led to leaving the paper to support electronic pre-press and retouching services sales to the LA ad agency and design community.

He moved his family up to Portland, OR and began working in the multimedia sector 15 years ago, finding his way into digital signage as a Scala VAR – winning enough business and doing deals that got him noticed by Scala, where he was brought on as VP Services. Since then he co-founded another company, c3ms (www.c3ms.com).

He helped win and develop the Nobel Network for Nobel Biocare, a 1,000-plus location (and growing) digital signage network with screens placed in oral surgeon and general dental practices throughout North America. The company does the back-end management and is still growing steadily, but …

“After five years helping to build and operate that network,” says Emmons, “I have come to realize I like to be challenged solving different problems for several people and situations rather than face the same issues on the same network day in and day out.”

“Over the years, I have developed a very effective approach to digital signage, from pre-contact research, presentation, needs analysis, content planning/development/management, workflow engineering, business models, proposal, integration, installation and operation. My ideal job would be one in which I can help in a hands-on and advisory role to grow a distribution channel using the principles I’ve developed.”

He’s in Portland, and you can track him down at: 503.805.2556 or m_emmons [at] comcast.net

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/mark-emmons/0/67b/118/

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