DSE Industry Forum in San Diego looks fully subscribed

September 13, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Digital Signage Expo’s Industry Forum next month in San Diego appears to be fully subscribed with the sponsors needed to make this all click.

The first (I think) of its kind targeting the sector, the forum borrows on a popular tech sector event formula that invites some 30 C-level types for a weekend retreat, at no cost, that includes a little education, a fair amount of R&R and some one-to-one meeting time with a limited number of vendors.

The vendors cover the cost of the weekend through their sponsor contributions. DSE was looking for 15, and they appear to have 15, so good on them.

The title sponsors are Samsung and Peerless, and Intel is the presenting sponsor. Beats me what the difference is, but there is one.

The other companies that have stepped up are: NEC, Chief, NCR, Allure Global, Four Winds Interactive, Capital Networks, PRN, NanoLumens, Convergent, Play Network, Capture (AccelerOptics)  and Wifarer (in-venue navigation).

The end-user guest list is also solid – airlines, big boxes, big casinos, retail chains and so on.

Preset got approached to run some education sessions in the mornings for attendees, so Flanigan and Hellberg will be there to teach and I will show the crowds how to make poodles with those skinny balloons (where can I buy those, BTW???).

There is a golf tournament on the Friday afternoon, so if you live in the San Diego and anywhere near the Rancho Bernardo Inn, I’d advise you to put the car in the garage and keep the kids indoors. Played once in last two years.

It looks like a pretty good event and I’m looking forward to hanging out and meeting both attendees and sponsors.

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