Digital Signage special in Canuck national newspaper this AM

September 8, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Lyle Bunn has worked with special sections trade publisher Media Planet on USA Today newspaper supplements on the DS industry, and this summer he was engaged to pull one together focused on the Canadian market.

It’s out this morning as a polished-looking insert in the National Post, one of Canada’s two nationally distributed English-language newspapers.

Lyle asked me to knock out a piece about the Canadian industry, which is included. The word count was very limited so I did what I could, and if your firm is not mentioned, I either forgot or ran out of room or you were mean to me when I was a child. Phhht.

There are some nods and evident ties between subject matter and advertisers, but the thing would not exist without that arrangement. As a section that gets people unfamiliar with the space up the learning curve, it looks like it does a good job.

If you have extraordinary patience you can use the Post’s e-viewer thing to navigate around the pages and see what is what (thing made me crazy).  Look for Media Planet in the menu:

LG is by far the largest sponsor of the supplement, but DDC, EK3, BroadSign NEC and X20 also bought ad space.

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