Tales of the (Digital Signage) Wild West: Convenience TV expands To Eastern US

September 2, 2010 by Dave Haynes

One of the more heavily-read posts I’ve had up recently was about LA-based Convenience TV, an over the counter penny stock that has engaged a marketing firm to whip up some investor excitement.

The company issued a release asserting that somehow 28 locations in the vastness of LA gave the company #1 market share … in something. It was kinda loopy.

I did a quick search on the CPRZ ticker today and saw the company has taken its “first step in expanding its network to the eastern United States market.”

Company President and CEO Mr. Norman Knowles states: “These successful installations represent a significant step in the expansion of our network into a national presence.”

They’ve done five Convenient Food Mart Stores in Wheeling, West Virginia.

Now, unlike some over-the-tip stock promoters, this company actually IS doing stuff. And Wheeling looks like a terrific place. And as the saying goes, “Ya gotta start somewhere …”

But Wheeling? Population 31,400???

I will happily be corrected, but I have my doubts the media planners in New York are thinking Wheeling when they do their DOOH plans.

As the premise of the first post suggested, the Wild West days are hardly over. Just new pioneers getting themselves lined up for arrows.

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