The strange, confused attack of the news-bots

August 30, 2010 by Dave Haynes

The people in the starter castle that took the place of a small bungalow in my leafy little neighborhood have about $900,000 worth of car in the driveway. A red Ferrari. A tan Bentley. And a big black Mercedes SUV.

We are all speculating wildly about what they do to afford all that, plus this HUGE house, and the smart money seems to be on Internet marketing.

So I dunno, maybe they are making money on what seems to be an unending torrent of robo stories that throw phrases into the headline and story copy, and get packaged up as faux blogs and websites, and then picked up by Google Alerts. My assumption is that there is money from click-throughs or something, and that every conceivable business topic is subject to this stuff.

I mention this because between Google Alerts and Twitter “bot” accounts (someone with @DoohNews, for example) spit out endless stuff all day, most of it useless and irrittating. But RDM’s Ken Goldberg just flagged one this afternoon that is just about epic in its goofiness.

Headline: New innovation in digital signage technology

(I am not linking to this because it only encourages them …)

This Year is able to be an blood-tingling year in the agenda signage & out of homebusiness industry with affluence of new innovations & applications accepted to access the account of this new media.

One apparatus they will conceivably alpha seeing abundant added of is the agenda card board. These multimedia airheaded are alpha to crop up alfresco lots of restaurants in the US & their use is now alpha to advance throughout Europe & added areas of the world.

Digital card boards are far added activating than a approved card that you mayacquisition placed alfresco an eatery. For starters, as these card systems are agenda signage they admittance TV & affective adumbration they are far added clear than accepted menus.

There’s added affidavit that accomplish agenda card s a appetizing investment. Not alone are they clear but agreeable can be appointed at altered times so cafeteria & banquet airheaded can automatically get replaced. Agenda card boards are aswell actual adjustable if it comes to alteration agreeable so every day meal specials can be placed on the card remotely.

It goes on like for a while …

The author credit goes to:  Chris Johnson is a abstruse columnist as able-bodied as a specialist in the agenda signage industry allowance to actualize alfresco agenda signage & aegis for plasmas. appointment us for added advice about LCD Enclosures or added agenda signage solutions. Our LCD Enclosure is made of tough material with highest quality available in market.

The definition of abstruse is “Difficult to understand” … so I will give (the probably imaginary) Mr. Johnson credit for sticking with that approach.

Google Alerts were good for a long time, but all this crap is starting to make them useless. And the DoohNews tweetbot thing is starting to do the same with #digitalsignage and #dooh hash tags on Twitter.

So now what?

The new neighbors, by the way, seem very nice and more likely made their money through crazy hard work. But I can’t quite bring myself to ask some 33-year-old guy “How the heck can you afford all these wheels???”

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