Spicer recruited to run NEC's VUKUNET

August 24, 2010 by Dave Haynes

This was smart.

NEC Displays announced today it has hired on Graeme Spicer to head the effort to spread the understanding and adoption of its VUKUNET digital signage platform, which includes the universal advertising platform and a free content management suite.

Graeme let me know about this a few weeks ago and he’s actually be on the job for a while (so don’t say I can’t keep a secret).

It’s a smart move because Graeme gives the company a fresh, outside perspective on what they are doing and what they need to do moving forward to get more companies signing on to the service, and agencies understanding what it is all about from the buying side.

VUKUNET is based in suburban Chicago at the NEC offices, and Spicer is in Toronto, so he will soon be able to navigate O’Hare blindfolded.

The VUKUNET efforts have so far been led by Ashley Flaska, NEC’s VP of Marketing. From observation, she appears just a touch busy with a variety of marketing and corporate needs, so having Spicer on this full-time will help move things along.

He comes to NEC from Adcentricity, where he was  the Vice President, Strategic Partnerships for, I think, a couple of years.

Prior to that he was consulting  into the space through DW+ Partners in Toronto, and has a pile of experience in retail and brand strategy.

Pierre Richer, President and COO at NEC Display, is happy to have him. “His relationships and experience in the retail sector amongst others are particularly appealing because of the growth of digital place-based advertising and the opportunities before us.”

Bit of a loss for Rob and Jeff at Adcentricity, but there’s every indication things are hopping for them and they’ll be fine.

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