Flanigan wants the microphone

August 24, 2010 by Dave Haynes

When I get asked … and it happens fairly regularly … what’s holding back this sector, I have a quick, very easy answer.


Everybody could stand to learn a lot more about the opportunities and challenges, and nuts and bolts of this thing. Just about every day I see examples of people who really did need to better understand content planning and programming, deployment planning, marketing approaches, sales strategy, technology sourcing. On and on, and on.

There are education sessions at the big trade shows, which is great, but limited in reach. We have guys like Lyle Bunn offering primer training on what this is all about. There is other stuff out there that deals with all the purely technical stuff.

I don’t see much available, and readily accessible, about the core BUSINESS of digital signage and digital out of home. We’ve been talking for months about putting something together through The Preset Group that really goes after this, but we’re all too stinkin’ busy to pull it together as a group.

So Paul Flanigan is doing it as Paul Flanigan.

My Preset colleague is a natural for this. He thrives running panels and moderating sessions and conferences. Loves to talk. TALK. Talk. Talk. Talk. Can make impatient-me crazy on conference calls, but a chatterbox is perfect for this role.

Well, I have been “on the speaking circuit” for a while now, but this is a new opportunity to help those who want to succeed with digital signage, digital media, and customer or viewer engagement.

I have created a series of seminars and presentation subjects based on my experiences in digital signage, and can lead half-day or full-day education sessions.

The core of my seminars and speaking is on the strategy, marketing, branding, and advertising side of digital signage, digital interactivity, and viewer engagement. With respect to technology (which I also speak about), once we all have a network, we need to do great things with it. How do you create real impact with digital media? How can you leverage the power of mobile devices with your venue?

That’s where I come in.

I spent 10 years running three networks. I have spent the last year consulting companies from every corner of digital signage on best practices for network management and execution. I have built a network, managed every aspect of its operation, produced content, collaborated with brands, agencies, production houses, and media planners and buyers, developed budgets (and met them!), and measured the network’s effectiveness.

Basically, I have been there and done that.

And that’s what I bring to my seminars and presentations – real-world insight that I believe is needed to help move this ecosystem of multi-channel communication in the right direction.

My practice is to tailor my presentations and seminars to your needs. I have yet to do the same presentation or session twice because no two audiences and needs are the same. While I use foundational topics, I know your time is valuable, so I’ll work with you to outline the important subjects. In the end, you get a targeted and unique session with takeaways that send you forward with your initiatives.

What’s different with Paul? He comes at it from brand and retail perspective, having run soup to nuts on the Best Buy US network.

How does this impact Preset? Not much. We all spin a few dishes at once. This is more of the same.

Details here: http://experiate.net/paulflanigan/

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