Screens that dominate in Cape Town airport

August 22, 2010 by Dave Haynes

We don’t see this anywhere near enough – screens in public spaces that are large enough, and in sufficient numbers, that they visually demand viewer attention.

South Africa-based DC Media has a nice video up about taking over the software for a media company that had invested what must have been a very substantial chunk of change to put up a set of 10 mammoth 103″ plasmas in the arrivals area of Cape Town’s international airport – time, no doubt, for the recent World Cup.


The premise of the post was that they had to come in and fix a remote management mess, which is a common story. Don’t know what  was there before. Don’t care. But I do like an install people can’t help but notice. The video shows few people are stopping and staring at the things, but I doubt the media company or advertising brands expect that.

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