DSA takes micro-show to big printing expo

August 5, 2010 by Dave Haynes

I wrote the other day about how companies that take the trade show road less traveled are being smart, and I see now the Digital Screenmedia Association is thinking along those lines, as well. The DSA has a digital signage zone in October at the specialty Imaging and Printing Technology Expo in Lost wages in October.

This is a big show – 14,000 or so people – but hard-core specialty printing people. So guys hanging out with LCD screens will look a little, umm, different there. But that industry knows that digital is where at least some of their business is going and they can either get on the train or watch it roll off down the tracks.

Several companies, along with the association, have booths planned:

More on what’s up here. This is either a new deal or DSA has not yet got around to listing it on its website. I like the notion of being available to an entire industry that’s probably worrying what digital signage means to their core work, and eager to learn more about how they get active (and with who).

Side note – What is it with some trade show people that when they have the event in Las Vegas they go nuts with the playing cards, showgirls and “Vegas, baby!!!” references?

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