PumpTop TV starts weekly programming guide

August 3, 2010 by Dave Haynes

It is fair, I think, to suggest that many, many DOOH networks have a limited grasp of their programming schedule and follow a particularly well-traveled road as to what’s on the screen.

Then there’s PumpTop TV.

I’ve no business relation to these folks but have written about them a few times because they think outside the box … or in this case, the rectangle.

The latest indication of that is they now produce a programming guide that’s a snapshot view for, I assume, media planner and host venue eyes of what they are doing on the screens. They sent me a copy, which runs through stuff like well-known wine blogger Gary Vaynerchuk talking BBQ wines and the members of the rock band Paramore bickering about favorite fast foods.

I could be wrong, but I really haven’t seen anyone doing programming this different and then getting it out to the decision-makers. The one exception would be Captivate, which produces a lot of original, though text-driven, content.

I also like how PumpTop is using social media like very few others. They have an active Facebook presence (with an emphasis on active – as opposed to just having something), as well as Twitter and YouTube.

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