And the point of this is … is … umm …

July 29, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Akihabara News is reporting a new Hitachi gesture technology that the Japanese electronics giant thinks has a role in several sectors one day, including digital signage.

Here you are the last bit of our tour at Hitachi exhibition, with the company vision of a “Minority Report” like interface. Perhaps closer to Microsoft Kinect UI, Hitachi system will let you control any kind of information display on a TV or by a Video projector, by simply waving your hands in any directions.

Nothing much to say here since this was just a working prototype, but, Hitachi is working not only on including this technology in digital signage, but also in the medical aera, where doctors can access data, photo or like on the video below to IRM without touching anything, ideal during surgery for example, as well as planning to add such technology in both Desktop PCs as well as TV.

Underwhelmed and wondering if the future – apart from gaming and some street-level advertising stuff – is really about flapping arms instead of just clicking a mouse or touching a screen to make things happen.

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