Media vet Wolff releases white paper on selling DOOH

July 26, 2010 by Dave Haynes

If you attend the annual Digital Signage Expo – and particularly if you are more deeply involved – the name Geri Wolff is probably familiar. She handles media and media relations for the event, as well as the Digital Signage Federation, through her firm Market Works.

What you might not know is that she has a deeeep background in the ad agency business and in big marketing budgets. She was VP Marketing at Carnival Cruise Lines and controlled a $60M annual media budget there.

Having been around this space for a few years now, and since along with PR she does sales and marketing consulting, Wolff has decided to weigh in with a white paper called Secrets of Selling DOOH Advertising to Agencies & Advertisers.

It looks pretty thorough (I’ll read it more carefully later …) and says she is a believer in the medium, when done well. Her conclusions/recommendations:

1. Present Solutions

If as a DOOH Network operator you present a proposal that is designed to help the advertiser sell more product, or create a truly unique exposure opportunity with a key, hard-to-reach target, that delivers some type of quantified results and limits perceived risk, most often, funding can be found somewhere in the marketing budget.

2. Sell the Unique Aspect of DOOH as a Medium

Emphasize the unique strengths that the DOOH offers to help your clients perceive and buy DOOH as a solution to their business challenges. Identify and focus on the important areas of congruency based on your client’s needs and emphasize the benefits and solutions, not the medium.

One final reminder.

Don’t get caught up in old media paradigms, focus on performance. Demonstrate to your clients your willingness to work with them. Elevate the process to your advantage and concentrate on building relationships based on service and total solutions, not just selling advertising.

The paper is available here …

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