Just one station, but much bigger deal

July 22, 2010 by Dave Haynes

The Friedrichstrasse Underground Station in downtown Berlin is thought to be the first subway platform around that is completely and exclusively tooled up with digital advertising displays.

The German company Wall AG put the project, and the first domination advertiser – running this month – is Intel.

The station has 12 projection surfaces on the walls along the tracks, and 14 large HD screens in the concourse areas. Based on the video, the platform screens are synchronized.

Technical notes on the project can be found here …

You can take some Ecstasy, put on your rave clothes, and watch an industrial, dance track-heavy video here …

This is great to see. While it is a one-off, we all know this is where it is going. Real world deployments lead to more real world deployments.

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