Samsung's Magic software evolving, getting slicker

July 6, 2010 by Dave Haynes

The Samsung people I know don’t spend much time trying to sell me on the 10 gallons of awesome that is their software product, MagicInfo/MagicNet. Because it’s actually pretty basic, entry-level stuff.

But that’s all a lot of end-users are going to need, and it’s now been around a few years. It’s evolving and getting enhanced. For instance, this news from Japan:

Developed by Samsung Japan, Nissho Electronics and NGC, the new digital system “Matrix” allows flexible arrangement of LCD displays of different sizes to show one image. The LCD displays with built-in PC functions and “MagicInfo VideoWall,” software are offered by Samsung Japan, while NGC, an affliate of Nissho Electronics, handles creating and selling content as well as the system.

The displays are offered in 18 sizes (from 32 to 82 inches), they can be combined up to 250 units and are connected via LAN cables and power cables.

Samsung has some very nice thin-bezel panels, and tuning the software to support large clusters of them, in different shapes, is smart. Certainly, other software platforms out there (and intermediary boxes) can do this sort of thing. But this software has that magic word tied to it: free***

Note – see comments … this advanced version has a license fee tied to it (Thanks Dmitry)

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