New InWindow movie promo adds 3D interactive

July 6, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Inwindow Outdoor has another nice storefront DOOH program running with a movie house, this time an interesting interactive campaign for Disney’s new Sorcerer’s Apprentice flick. It is the first major use of 3D gesture technology, the company claims, in an outdoor ad display.

People who walk up can actually play a game and control the screen action with their body movements.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice game allows people on the street to complete a series of challenges on the storefront screen itself. Users can cast spells and control the action using their arms and legs. The technology uses 3D cameras that incorporate infrared sensors to detect depth perception and movement of the user. The campaign also features a social networking element as well as users are prompted to upload photos and their game statistics to their Facebook pages, thereby bringing the experience into an online environment.

Inwindow Outdoor created the campaign in conjunction with technology partner SoftKinetic. It is running for three weeks in Los Angeles on Hollywood Blvd at the H&H Mall, and in New York at the Trump Building at 40 Wall Street and in a window at Macy’s.

“This is probably the most amazing display we have ever created as we continue to push the boundaries of technological innovation to engage the pedestrian on the street in a highly memorable and meaningful way,” said Jeff Cohen, managing partner of Inwindow Outdoor. “Our campaigns have produced tremendous results for advertisers across a range of industries, but we’ve had so much success creating campaigns for the entertainment industry that we are quickly becoming the go-to source for Hollywood Studios looking to promote new features or DVD releases in a unique way. And we can now count Sorcerer’s Apprentice among some of the best campaigns we’ve created, along with Avatar and Coraline.”

I still like the Coraline one, but full credit to these guys for pushing the medium forward. I LOVE street-level stuff like this because it gets notice, and has that interactivity and social integration.

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