Short Bites intros canned content libraries

June 29, 2010 by Dave Haynes

We’re starting to see more pre-packaged content come into the space, with material that has a better shot of interesting viewers than news and business headlines.

Short Bites Media is a new company based out of Charlotte, NC (one of my favorite places) that has packed up a series of short segments on subject areas. What I like is that there is a fixed price for the library and none of this monkey business that has suppliers asking about the numbers of screens and/or viewers, and pricing accordingly.

The Green Tips and Travel Tips packages are both $3,995 and the Fun Facts are $1,495 – all of them on two-year use agreements. Presumably after two years, the network would want to switch this material out anyway, if not sooner. The segments are all 15s or 30s in length, and designed to run with or without audio.

Company founder Tracey Crowe comes from a digital signage background, having run a 1,200-branch network for Wachovia. I don’t know this, but would expect all the bank troubles of the last two years, and the demise of Wachovia, might have something to do with the launch of Short Bites.

Welcome back to the space!

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