One year for pressDOOH

June 28, 2010 by Dave Haynes

I just realized Monday that it has been one year since I decided to jump off a business cliff and hope the bungee cord worked.

Still here. And still bouncing up and down a little. I wasn’t crazy.

There is indeed a business in doing good writing for others, and my pressDOOH clients seem to like what I do.

When you really pay attention to it, as I now do both for business and sport, you see how much formulaic and impact-starved stuff is sent out there as releases and papers and sell sheets. Just about every day, I read something through and conclude, “Ok, I have no idea what this is about … or why I should care.”

I now have clients as far away as Bangalore, Dubai, Vienna and Rome, along with a pile of them in North America.

Thanks to those clients who’ve supported me, and to business friends who’ve made recommendations or flat told their own clients that they needed my help. It’s been a fun first year, and despite several offers to go back to working for others, this is where my head is at and what I’m doing.

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