DPAA has new website up, but org not getting much attention

June 25, 2010 by Dave Haynes

An interesting thing happens when you search Google for recent news, blog posts and tweets about the Digital Place-Based Advertising Association.

Nothing happens. NOTHING. Zippo. Nada.

The only fleeting reference is that Suzanne LaForgia left recently to join Reach Media Group as an ad sales exec.

The new website is finally up and it looks better than what OVAB (the old name) had before, and there’s a video that does a serviceable job of showing the digital out of … oh, sorry… the out of home vid … DOH! … the place-based advertising landscape.


There’s some strong people on the Board of Directors of this advocacy group, but whoever gets recruited to step in and take on LaForgia’s job has a mountain to climb. The work’s been done to some degree to get the medium – whatever you want to call it – at some level of awareness with New York media media directors. But if this is the organization that’s supposed to be the voice of a fast-growing media sector, shouldn’t it show up at least a little in the news, the blogs, in tweets … anything?

I’m not down on the organization, though like many I don’t get the name change. The audience metrics guidelines of 18 months ago were nothing truly new, but someone needed to lay them all out, and the organization did that effectively.

So to be relevant, and make membership fees to that particular club worthwhile, up here in the bleachers it would seem the DPAA needs to get the sector talking about it.

Right now, that doesn’t appear to be happening.

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