Where are the content people?

June 11, 2010 by Dave Haynes

I was at InfoComm chatting and mostly listening to Dos Dosanjh from Cisco, who is the company’s content evangelist (though I don’t think that is what’s on his biz card).

We were having one of those conversations that many, many of us who’ve been around for a while have about the poor state of content on most networks, and how so many AV and systems integrators, and their end users, have no idea what to do.

Something occurred to me. I’d walked the balance of the show floor and the ONE company that I saw that is a pure creative content house was Blue Pony.

One. In a show that has a heavy focus on display technology and the gear that gets content on to screens. And hundrfeds of exhibitors.

Someone suggested that creative agencies don’t “do” trade shows, at least not in the sense of taking out booth space. But it strikes me that as the industry expands and more and more small to medium businesses get into the space, something has to be sorted out that puts all these new network operators together with creative people who can make their projects look great and actually have an impact.

If all these new networks don’t know where to turn, or end up with creative people with no experience in this medium, the annual InfoComm and DSE talks about crappy content are just going to go on and on.

  1. Mike Cearley says:

    We need to get a panel session together (or multi-day session) at one of these conferences where we pull together agency reps (for strategy & creative), a software shop & a hardware shop. They’re all tasked with creating a solution in the timespan of the session or conference and then show it off to everyone. Kinda like a working lab with a multi-disciplinary approach.

  2. Arlene Zeichner says:

    Agree with what Michael wrote. Would like to add in someone who licenses content to panel as well for the non-ad segments of loops.

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