Digital signage players separated at birth?

June 1, 2010 by Dave Haynes

News that Swiss-based Spinitex had done a deal to have its little box run with Scala, and then a dailyDOOH post about Gefen’s little box for InfoComm, got me remembering something i noticed at DSE a few months back.

The two little solid state boxes – both of them potentially great for projects that need fanless and a teeny player – appear to be almost identical. I think it is some sort of Texas Instruments DaVinci media/video processor under the hood. Presumably, both get the unit from TI or some firm affiliated with the company. Or some other arrangement. Beats me.

I think the boxes themselves are quite reasonable in cost, but when I have spoken to local resellers, their ideas on what they could charge for a combination of hardware and software were, ummm, borderline nutty. Too bad, but maybe that’s changing. Both companies are at InfoComm next week, and I’ll be asking.

  1. As we said in our post about AMX, I quote “Perhaps then it is lucky that their new (AMX) mini media player is simply a re-badged Spinetix device!”

    Perhaps the Spinetix licensing is stretching a bit further or do all these folks buy their components from the same place in Taiwan?

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