The Screen sets first US DOOH event for June in NYC

May 17, 2010 by Dave Haynes

The guys behind The Screen in the UK – driven by Digital View and a few others, I think – has been doing events in London for a few years now and next month jumps the pond for its first North American event – a morning event on June 22nd done in collaboration with the Digital Screenmedia Association.

Called a breakfast briefing but really running all morning, the event is focused on DOOH and transport.

The opportunity for advertisers to target the traveling public has never been greater. The transport sector has not only provided some of the earliest and most successful digital signage case studies, but it has put the D-OOH industry firmly on the map and underpinned its recent growth.

The high traffic and high value audiences of the worlds’ airports, train stations and metro hubs have proved highly desirable to digital advertisers. Whilst advances in mobile internet & video-on-demand technology is enabling a host of exciting passenger-targeted digital opportunities.

OK, nobody over here uses “whilst” – unless they have had too much sherry whilst watching Masterpiece Theatre. But I digress.

The speakers include folks from CBS Outdoor, Kinetic, CoolSign, Harris and the guy who used to run NBC Everywhere and is now a DOOH “strategist.”

The event is at a hotel in SOHO, in lower Manhattan. Tickets are free to The Screen members or between $135-$150.

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