AdFlow bags another wireless retailer

May 12, 2010 by Dave Haynes

The AdFlow guys up the road from me (I can just about see their building from my roof … when I am up there threatening to jump) have found a nice little niche in the digital signage retail marketplace working with wireless retailers. They already had a few clients from that sector and just signed another – upstart carrier WIND Mobile.

I like what they are doing for a couple of reasons: AdFlow chose a vertical and mined it; and wireless carriers are pretty much recession-proofed.

The Burlington, Ontario company has been around the space for ages and got into wireless retail after developing a very nice service for Koodo, a budget offshoot brand owned by Telus. Other carriers saw what these guys were doing and engaged them to do their own thing in stores.

Now WIND has signed up. Says the press release …

Providing a unique customer experience is what Wind Mobile is all about. To help deliver this unique experience, all WIND Mobile retail stores and BlockBuster “store within a store” kiosks feature integrated ADFLOW digital signage displays throughout. Having in-store digital media that is easily controlled from a central remote location, enables WIND to deliver eye-catching, compelling content that enhances the overall customer experience, whether it is passive or interactive.

“ADFLOW is very experienced with digital media management in the wireless retail space”, says Melissa Clark, Vice President, Sales and Distribution for Wind Mobile. “Given our aggressive store launch schedule, we relied heavily on ADFLOW’s expertise to ensure a smooth deployment…and they delivered.” As WIND Mobile expands its retail store footprint across Canada in 2010, ADFLOW digital signage will be an integral component of the overall look and feel of the store and as new store designs evolve, ADFLOW will continue to provide innovative digital media management ideas and solutions.”

The solution includes a queue management system, which is clever. There is very little content more sticky than signs that tell you when you will get served.

WIND is owned by Canuck telecom company Globalive. The brand is one of the new carriers in the marketplace that many Canadians hope will increase competition and drive down this country’s crazy-expensive mobile phone plan costs.

I know most of the guys over there and they long ago figured out getting known for just a few things beats competing to be everything to everybody. Small firm, but they’re making real money quarter after quarter.

  1. For those readers in Canada and especially in Toronto, you may recall that Wind/Globalive almost did not get to launch courtesy of our Telecom Regulatory body (CRTC).

    The RFP for the in-store digital signage was issued with extremely tight deadline, closing just over one month prior to the scheduled opening of the retail stores…. Virtually that same week the CRTC put regulatory breaks on Globalive’s rights to open up shop in Canada entirely (based on foreign ownership protectionist policies in in place to protect Canadian media from real competition)

    Imagine the tension among the respondents that worked nights to complete their proposals to open up the paper and read that their tax dollars potentiality just killed the project…

    After more than a month delay the stores were able to be opened to show of the shiny digital interiors.

    Also of note is the Microsoft Surface deployment that is part of this roll-out. Wind uses MS Surface to allow visitors to browse and interact with plans and options available.

    According to Trapeze, the interactive marketing agency in charge of the rest of the in-store and online media for Wind, the 20-some MS Surface units deployed for Wind represent the largest Surface install in Canada.

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