Nanonation demos iPad app for retail and digital signage

April 20, 2010 by Dave Haynes

This is my first stab at using my little Flip video thingdoodle – kindly supplied by some friends at Cisco – to show some stuff I see at trade shows and from my other travels.

The video is a quick chat with Brian Ardinger on Nanonation about the iPad app they quickly did up for last week’s Customer Engagement Technology show in Las Vegas. I was curious whether this would be eye candy leveraging the buzz around Apple’s latest gizmo, or a real application … and it seems very much the latter … albeit a quick concept demo and not a fully integrated (and live) program.

No comments, please, on the shaky camera work. I did video so I wouldn’t have to take notes, and I am not pretending to be a videographer. But it’s actually not a bad way to see what’s what.

I took one or two other vids (once the lightbulb went on that this was worth doing) and will post later.

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