DSF says it is up past 200 members now; announces board leadership

March 29, 2010 by Dave Haynes

I have my doubts that membership counts are all that telling until real money is being dropped, but nonetheless some 200 companies and individuals have signed on as members of the new Digital Signage Federation.

The DSF says memberships are from the US and Canada, as would be expected, but there are also sign-ups from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, El Salvador, France, Ghana, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Russia, Slovenia, Taiwan, the UK, and Vietnam.

The organization also got some people to stick their hands up and lead the interim board, with Rich Cooley, the CEO & Founder of Visser Digital Media acting as chair, Bob Stowe from Wendy’s as Vice Chairman and consultant/industry trainer Alan Brawn as Secretary/Treasurer.
The DSF also now has a lot more shaking on its Website now and Executive Director John Johnson appears to be doing all the meat and potatoes stuff needed for things like bylaws and codes of ethics to make it a real non-profit body.
I remain happily on the fence, watching this play out between the DSF and Digital Signage Association. The DSA had 400 plus members when this all bubbled up, and it has been announcing any new members of its own via Twitter.
Meanwhile, the newly re-dubbed Digital Place-Based Advertising Association now has a splash page that redirects to the older OVAB site. Not great, but better than a placeholder page on Go Daddy pointing to Doberman Pinscher breeders , which was the case last week.

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