Samsung intros super-wide 4:1 LCD for mass transit, other public spaces

March 5, 2010 by Dave Haynes

This looks like a PhotoShop job, but I get the idea.

Digital Signage Today, and others, are reporting that Samsung now has a 43-inch LCD panel that has a panoramic aspect ratio of 4:1 and does full HD-ready (1920×480 resolution) signals. It is meant for public standard platforms, malls and schools.

No price but assume crazy-expensive for now. Interesting, but odd, as Samsung has some nice thin-bezel monitors that make screenms tiled together look pretty nice.

And unless these people and this rail car are really short, that’s not a 43″ diagonal display.

Photo from technobahn, but saw same one elsewhere.

  1. Florin Sev says:

    Watch our latest showreel on YouTube:

    HD Timelapse Showreel Super-Wide 4:1 Aspect Ratio (1920×480) for Samsung Super-Wide LCD Panels used in Digital Signage (DOOH).

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