DSE numbers up 14% from previous year

March 5, 2010 by Dave Haynes

If you went to DSE this year and it seems to be busier than the 2009 version, that’s because it was.

The show last week, says a news release, attracted more than 3,400 attendees, up roughly 14 per cent from a year earlier. There were also 56 new exhibitors.

I thought it was a good show, and was terrific for my business interests and building my base of knowledge. I could have used a third day on the show floor, but that’s just me. If I stop at a booth, there goes 45 minutes. With scores of booths, that math doesn’t work so hot.

In the blur that was last week, I did not have a chance to report on the mixer. We had 210 on the RSVP list, and about 180 showed. We figured that was really good, and were fairly thankful not everyone showed – as we knew the place was going to feel tight at 200. Great crowd. Great conversations. We’ll do it again.

The feedback we’ve solicited has all been positive, but about 90 per cent think we need name tags … so people can more easily meet, and more easily dodge others they’d rather not get tied up with. Thanks to our sponsors who ponied up a share of the $15 (honest) drinks – that would get me a tray of Michelobs at Casino Royale – and brought in some of their clients and industry friends.

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