Best wishes to Bill Yackey

March 5, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Bill Yackey has spent at least a couple of years – maybe a lot longer but that’s what it seems like – as the very hard-working editor of Digital Signage Today – cranking out a pile of material as well as doing a lot of great video work.

This is his last day on the job, as he is moving on to a marketing communications gig with a unified communications company in Louisville. If you are in marketing in this sector, in some way, you’ve dealt with Bill.

Very sharp and solid guy and I wish him all the best, and thank him for his support in helping me build up pressDOOH, and letting me know I was on to something.

I kinda sorta knew already, but probably few people know he’s an accomplished musician, playing guitar and leading a band called Sixty-Four West.  Videos are online. He can sing, too.

Best wishes Bill, and maybe we’ll see you back in this nutty business at some point.

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