The DS Turf Battle (Such as it is): Comparing The Gangs

March 4, 2010 by Dave Haynes

The Jets (DSA board)

Stuart Armstrong, President North America, EnQii

Charles Ansley, President & CEO, Symon

Jeff Porter, Executive Vice President, Scala

Lou Giacalone, President & Founder, CoolSign

Sean Andersen, Director Interactive Services, Six Flags

Chris Borek, Senior Manager Instore Digital Mktg., Target

Rocky Gunderson, Co-founder, Vice President, SeeSaw Networks

John Melillo, President, Diversified Media Group

Fred Squeo, General Manager, TracyLocke/N-GEN STUDIOS

Margot Myers, Director, Education & Training, Platt Retail Institute

The Sharks (DSF board)

Phil Cohen, President & CEO, Care Media Holdings

Rich Cooley, CEO & Founder, Visser Digital Media

Alan Brawn, Principal, Brawn Consulting, LLC

Laura Davis-Taylor, Vice President Global Retail Strategy, Creative Realities, Inc.

Jack Sullivan, Senior Vice President, Out-of-Home Media Director, StarCom World Wide

Jennifer Bolt, Executive Director, Media Services & Innovation, Tracy Locke Advertising

Bob Stowe, Director, Marketing Services, Wendy’s International

Carre Dawson, Director of Business Development, DS, Harris Corporation

Bil Trainor, President, Capital Networks Limited

Brian Dusho, President, BroadSign International

Ken Goldberg, CEO, Real Digital Media

Pierre Richer, President & COO, NEC Display Solutions Americas

Geez … the Sharks have more women, and food! And Goldberg. But the Jets have roller coasters…

What to choose. What to choose.

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