Pit-bull lawyers about to be released on DSE (kidding)

March 4, 2010 by Dave Haynes

My crack legal team is working furiously on an image rights case after the flagrant, unauthorized use of my image by DSE at the show last week. Somebody or other handed me a brochure on Day 1 and I absently looked at it and realized the dopey looking guy running an on-the-floor thingy was me. That was actually two years ago at the DSE East ghost-town (actually Day 1 was OK, but Day 2, sheesh) when I was peddling BroadSign’s miracle vegetable choppers.

Anyway, I know Geri and Richard and the other folks at Exponation are really struggling to find pictures — ANY pictures — when they resort to using my likeness.

Simply terrifying at 8:30 AM when you’ve been out too late and need coffee badly.

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