DSE Impressions … so far

February 25, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Day three at DSE in Lost Wages. On the go for about 20 hours each day so NOT a lot of time to type away. But wifi is now working in the press room, so quickly, here’s what I know and see …

Busy show. Lots of people and some booths like Christie very crowded.

Sony is back in the game, and has a player, software and people here. Getting a demo later. It’s been around a while in Europe but the company is getting active here.

Guys I know at booth say they have been busy and they are having genuinely solid conversation with genuinely funded and ready to roll customers. THAT’S nine to hear.

Lots of intrigue and side conversations about the DSE/DSF versus DSA thing going on. My perspective … let’s just and see and steer clear.

I have not been at the seminar sessions … no time … but will the people at these events PLEASE stop having the same people over and over again as speakers and panelists. There are some speakers listed who I can’t even fathom being truly appropriate for the session they are doing (but their masters have large booth spaces).

Stuff that impressed me … nothing really, with the exception of the the big Nanolumens panels (more later) and MicroTiles, but that’s been well documented. Software guys all have new wrinkles and good stuff, but it’s very much progressions in existing stuff as opposed to new platforms and game-changing stuff. Admittedly, I am a little jaded.

I also need to spend more time looking and will have that time today (I hope).

Some world class whoppers being told by one company, but I will be a polite Canadian and not call them out. At least not yet.

Funniest booth – a Taiwanese panel mount company called US Brown Bear. Honest.

Mixer report – we had 180 people … amazing crowd … great event … will be repeated

Important thing I should have learned at 25, not 52. Do not wear new shoes and walk a trade show all day.

Time to go bother people …

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