More on the privacy issue: example of how stakeholders can collaborate

January 29, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Still cranky about the digital signage is a privacy Chernobyl report.

Haroon Mirza from CognoVision sent me a note saying they’d seen the report (they are prominently mentioned as being among the evil-doers) and noted his company is and always has been very big on privacy. They lay out what they do and don’t do on their website. And to exemplify how important this stuff is, Mirza noted he was at a Privacy by Design conference at the Toronto Board of Trade, run by the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario.

While these events have a different theme each year, notes Commissioner Ann Cavoukian, one goal remains the same throughout – to enable organizations to realize the Positive-Sum or win/win promise of Privacy by Design.  This is the opposite of the dated win/lose zero-sum approach, wherein only one party may win. We want to help organizations answer the ever-increasing requirements to protect their customers’ and clients’ personal information, while at the same time advancing the security and functionality of their technology, processes and infrastructure.  Effective protection of personal information is a critical business requirement and a very real opportunity for organizations to build confidence and trust with their stakeholders.  


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