Monster does monster street level promotion for new MTV series Buried Life

January 22, 2010 by Dave Haynes

The Buried Life is a new MTV series based on an earlier documentary about four Canuck college students from Victoria, BC who do their own “bucket list” of things they need to do before they die. Given that they are still just young pups, they are getting a serious head-start on most of us, but then the list includes things like camp at the Playboy Mansion and kiss Rachel McAdams (another Canuck) and the Stanley Cup. They’re young, after all, and Canadian. Recipe for trouble.

MTV has engaged Monster Media to promote the show in a big way on a New York streetscape, and the result is a very cool blend of BIG printed vinyl graphics on the exterior of a building, as well as interactive screens.

I love this kind of stuff because of the stopping power it has – using printed graphics to make small digital stuff MUCH more impactful. That was exactly where I was taking a company I did work with last year, but, well … I won’t go there. Dimwits.

The variety of engagement and social media integration with this is also quite clever and compelling. 

Anyway, the details:

MTV’s thought provoking series is intended not only to entertain, but also to engage its audience, serving as the perfect platform for an interactive storefront domination. To present MTV with the right blend of engagement and innovation, Monster Media, the global leader of interactive street-level displays, partnered with Media Storm and Maude. This team created a dynamic campaign that can be viewed and controlled by pedestrians.

This never-before-done experience showcases three main areas of engagement fused together to create a highly-customized display. In one section, participants use a control panel consisting of touch sensitive digital screens where they are able to type in one of their goals they would like to accomplish before they die. The users can then submit these goals to MTV’s master list, which appears on a linked LCD screen, and can also post to their personal Facebook accounts, a first for Monster Media.

Could not find any video, but have asked Monster. They say one should be up by Monday.

There is this, to be overly nice, curious approach to video press releases here: ( It has a video of a woman describing what it is all about, but nothing from on site. WTF???



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