Mixer report: many new faces and honours for effort

January 13, 2010 by Dave Haynes

This will probably be the only time in my life I can write about spending six hours hanging out in a bar and leaving not even the slightest bit tipsy. I had a meeting before the latest Toronto digital signage mixer so we ghathered at the venue at four and did our thing, and then watched as the crowd built for the event.

So I was there for more tnan six hours and had all of a couple of beers early on, as I was driving back that night to my mountaintop lair in the outer suburbs.

Good crew. Some regulars. Some regulars like Kris Matheson of Artisan (one of the mixer founders from way back) who I have not seen for a bit. And some new faces, some who I met and some I didn’t get a chance to chat with. I assume they were undercover police keeping an eye on things. 

Three new companies on my radar screen: Impact Digital MediaInfinite Media and tetrAD

Honours for effort go to David Spence of Coxcom and particularly Atlanta-based Rebecca Walt of Harris, both of them leaving the show floor at NRF in New York, heading to Newark and taking a Porter flight up to the downtown airport so they could get to the tail end of the mixer.

Thanks to Dmitry for organizing and dropping down his Ingram credit card as sponsor. Unless you hear otherwise, next one is Feb. 9th.

Also, venue in place for pre-DSE mixer in Lost Wages. Just rounding up sponsors. Room for 150 or so.



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