Creative Realities hires on Davis-Taylor as retail strategy VP

January 11, 2010 by Dave Haynes

DailyDOOH had this on the weekend, but there’s a press release out now with more detail about experiential branding and marketing firm Creative Realities (also known as CRI), hiring on Laura Davis-Taylor as Vice President of Global Retail Strategy, working with the New Jersey-based firm’s Studio CRI strategy and creative group.
“We’ve always believed in the importance of big picture strategy,” says Creative Realities’ Founder and CEO, Jason Friedman. “We’re excited to add a renowned retail strategist to our team and to expand our capabilities for clients.”

Davis-Taylor says she decided to join the Inc. 5000 firm, because she sees it as a visionary company that has the leadership, resources, and global reach to help change retail.
“Retail is at a critical juncture,” she says. “Companies can either become obsolete by applying old-school marketing dogma to the retail environment – what I call ‘Find me, sell me’ philosophy — or they’re going to understand that, in the future of retail, the consumer has as much authority as they do over their brand, and they’ll embrace consumer experience, which I call ‘Know me, help me’ philosophy.”
I only met Laura for the first time this fall, but have known about her for years. She is the co-author with Adrian Weidmann of the book, Lighting Up the Aisle: Practices and Principles for In-store Digital Media. Very smart, very nice woman, and a great pick-up for CRI.
Laura had been running a small consulting firm for the last few years and, presumably, will remain based in Atlanta (where CRI has an office), but seeing a lot of airports.
Congratulations Laura!

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