Tapping a MASS market with industry news

January 6, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Digital Signage Universe, a news and information portal on guess what, has added Mandarin Chinese to its services.  
“The digital signage business is a global growth industry. Digital Signage Universe offers marketers the opportunity to extend their reach and connect with buyers from around the world. Our directory is the only resource available in three languages, which already includes Spanish and English. With the addition of Mandarin, the Digital Signage Universe Directory is now the most comprehensive directory available,” said Lionel Tepper, the Managing Director of NYC-based Digital Signage Universe.
Lionel’s company already does its work in English and in Spanish. The Chinese version is not some auto-bot translation, but is instead done by hand and mind.
I am not familiar with a Chinese-oriented blog focused on the sector, but it may well exist. Having no ability to read or speak Mandarin or Cantonese, how would I know? But more than 22% of all Web surfers (aka 380 million people) currently search the Internet using Mandarin, Lionel notes, so there’s a big potential reading audience out there. 
The only work I know related to China is the Chinese version of the OOH-TV blog/news portal from Europe.

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