Follow the money dep't: JP Morgan look at time spent with medium versus ad dollars going in

January 5, 2010 by Dave Haynes


Interesting post on TechCrunch about US advertising spend – particularly about how the money is coming back this year and where it will go. The post extracts its information and insight from a JP Morgan analysis, and notes how the online industry – arguably the closest thing to digital out of home because of targeting – is moving away from a blizzard of banner ads to more targeted, carefully considered formats.

What I found interesting was the chart (above) that broke down where the money is now spent versus how much time is spent with that medium. A disproportionately low amount of ad money is directed to online considering how much time people spend with that medium, and on the flip side, 20% of ad dollars go into newspapers while people now devote just eight per cent of their time to that medium.  


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