Happy New Year for 2010!

December 31, 2009 by Dave Haynes

All the best for tonight and the coming year.

No 2010 predictions from me. Folks like Ken Goldberg have already done good look-aheads, and some other stuff now circulating doesn’t rise above the breathtakingly obvious and tone-deaf. My one suggestion for anyone in this sector is to take off the blinders next week and look at what’s happening with online and mobile applications and technologies. Whether you are a vendor or operator, your offer needs texture and it needs to be able to integrate with other technologies and mediums.

The companies that look outside the narrowly defined chute of digital signage are the ones that have the best shot at a great 2010. If your company’s 2010 plan is just about adding some bells and whistles to the status quo, well …

Have fun if you’re out tonight … and nail down who’s driving (and therefore behaving) before you start twisting off tops and yanking out corks. 

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