CoolSign gets a VP Global Sales

December 6, 2009 by Dave Haynes

CoolSign’s President, Lou Giacalone, Jr., sent me a note this weekend letting me know he’s hired industry veteran Leo Bull on as the company’s Vice President of Global Sales, with Atlanta-based Bull coming over from Wireless Ronin, where he was a regional VP.
This is a good move for Lou as he spins a bunch of dishes every day and the less he has to worry about day to day sales issues, the more time he has for other stuff. He has a couple of strong sales guys in Chris Colt and Raffi Vartian, but from what I can tell Giacalone has worn a sales hat as well since he came back to the company after the split from Planar.
This is undoubtedly a happy move for Bull (have never met him), as he is now with a company on the upswing and no longer spending at least part of his sales energy reassuring prospects his employers are not really in deep financial trouble (Ronin is a public company and their financial woes are there for all to easily see).
Bull previously worked with Avocent, LG, Fujitsu and Mitsubishi, so he certainly knows the hardware channel side of the industry, and CoolSign sells primarily through the channel.
He’s on the job starting Monday and will meet the Portland guys (main CS office) later in the week.

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