Great mixer in Toronto

November 18, 2009 by Dave Haynes

The Toronto and area digital signage and DOOH industry got together last night for the first mixer in a few months, and the turnout was tremendous – with at least 75 and perhaps more crowding the downstairs area of the Six Steps lounge.

There were a lot of people who I had not seen for a while at these functions, and others I had never seen. I heard there was a guying coming from an Aussie display mount company, but did not meet him. However, I did meet an EnQii guy in from the UK, another from New York (Owen Griffiths, also  from EnQii), Fiona Campbell from PopStar Networks (she’s based in Ottawa) and Richard Fortin of ITES Media in Montreal.

There were also some new faces, including Timothy Lamch, who is the dedicated specialist on DOOH at Toronto agency MAGI Communications. First conventional agency to have such a person solely tasked with working that space, to my knowledge, though I could easily be corrected. I met folks, as well, from Architectural Media, BlueAcrobat and Twist of Lemon Design, and waved/nodded/shook hands/chest-bumped a bunch of other people I did not have time to more than see in the room. Such a good mixer it was over way too quick.

Thanks to Dmitry at Ingram Micro for arranging once again, and Peter Bougadis of Samsung who hosted. 

Also heard some things I need to look a little deeper into, and got some updates on other things. That LG Director of Digital Signage gig, for example, is still on. They got close but have not settled on the right person, as yet. 

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