Sightings: Tim Horton's full menu boards

November 13, 2009 by Dave Haynes


As a Canuck it is very nice to wobble into Penn Station in New York at 6:30 AM and discover a Tim Horton’s outlet. Coffee snobs will sniff at this, but familiar fuel is good at that time of day.

It took me a bit because the branding is a little different for these outlets than back home, and then I realized the printed menu boards I know well were actually digital here in NY. I have heard from EK3 these were starting to go in here and there around the Timmy’s home office, but this is somewhat further afield. They looked good, but I think they are video, as the images seemed a little soft and the font edges just a teeny bit choppy. Not Flash (I think), which seems more typical with menu boards.

Heading home after a productive week and thinking the one thing I ate all week that was vaguely good for me was a carrot sliver between wings and Rolling Rocks the other night. Eeesh.

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