Lottery daydreamers picture themselves rich using augmented reality in DOOH campaign

November 2, 2009 by Dave Haynes


Volt Media‘s Jay Aird tweets a lot about augmented reality, so I wasn’t all that surprised that his digital out of home company in Halifax, Nova Scotia has worked up an application involving AR for the Atlantic Lottery.

Volt says it is the first use of AR in an out-of-home campaign in Canada (no idea if that is true or not) but it is interesting no matter the case.

The lottery’s new game, Lotto Max, markets itself on the the big dream of being somewhere else after winning (big dream=big price, $5 per ticket, by the way). 

Using rear projection, projection media and cameras, people walking by four storefronts across Atlantic Canada kast week could picture themselves engaged in “extreme” lifestyles of the stinkin’ rich.

The campaign was done for the lottery corp by Volt, Time + Space Media and Volt, Total Immersion and motion graphics shop Ad Dispatch.

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