Very nice. However, as a bowler who carr

October 16, 2009 by Dave Haynes

Very nice. However, as a bowler who carried a 200 average, I can tell you that this would never fly during leagues or tournaments. In most bowling alleys, this would be great for a younger crowd during open bowling sessions (where you buy a lane for an hour and throw as many frames as your arm will tolerate). But if I was in a tournament with money on the line, I would be screaming for that to be blank.

So…that lends me to strategy. In order for them to show HD art and, I would assume, ads, they would need to show impressions with high traffic. High traffic occurs with…you guessed correctly…league bowling and tournaments. That’s where the concessions and the alley make all the dough (having bartended at a bowling alley in my college days…).

I would love to see their business strategy for this. And see how they intend to use it. That would explain whether this was truly a benefit to the bowling experience, and the bottom line.

It kind of reminds me of the pool table with the reactrix-type of effect on the table top:

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