Timely reporting, however your facts are

October 16, 2009 by Dave Haynes

Timely reporting, however your facts are incorrect and your source is obvious. Artisan Complete has not ceased its efforts within the space of digital merchandising and content production. The changes to our team reflect the amount of activity that seriously exists at the moment in the Canadian marketspace. There are very few (if any) operations that can and will turn a profit selling $500 spots. I challenge you or anyone reading this post to show me a thriving content shop. I’ve been involved in this space for long enough to hear the digital signage mantra, “2006 will be the year, 2007 will be the year, 2008 will be the year, 2009 will be the year and so on.” That said, I do believe the recession did put a big “spanner in the works” of some really great momentum and that once we round the corner, activity will rebound. Once that market is here, Artisan will be there to serve it. <Note – one comment excised here as I am not comfy with appropriateness – DH> … without opportunities, strategy is both useless and unnecessary. A revised strategy has been implemented and let me be clear, Artisan was in this space very early as a pioneer and will continue to create great work moving forward. It surprises me that you would make such a post without checking your facts, I think you have my contact details. To communicate Artisan Live’s death both in the written word (and with a tasteless Photoshop image) before investigating, lacks journalistic professionalism. I am available to clarify this matter at any time and can be reached at 647.407.2728

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