This is a surprise, Artisan was doing ve

October 16, 2009 by Dave Haynes

This is a surprise, Artisan was doing very creative work. I’m sorry to hear this.

I think you’re right about some companies running on fumes. I know of a few companies who are on the edge—or have had their credit cut off completely—including a big named, high profile company that expanded aggressively and I think is way over extended.

I have noticed that despite the fact that the economy is showing some signs of life again, the last few weeks have been MUCH quieter than I would have expected. It seemed like there was good activity over the Summer (I was expecting it to be slow), but since Labor Day, activity has slow down more than I would have thought.

My guess is that clients are sitting on projects until next year, that’s bad news for any digital signage business that does not have the resources to last until then.

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